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PVE player looking for PVE social active oriented guild


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Hello, i am a new player to SWTOR, and i am currently looking for a guild to join.


I am looking for the following in a guild:

  • PVE oriented, i have 0% interest in PVP. If at least some PVP is a requirement than i am not interested.
  • Preferably a guild who is active on either teamspeak or discord
  • A guild that regularly does PVE related content (flashpoints, or just heroics that kind of thing) together.
  • A guild that is active throughout the entire day and if possible night. I rather not be the only one for hours on end who is the only one online and not afk.


I play SWTOR usually whenever i feel like it, which means usually more than 15 hours each week. I currently have one lvl 64 character on the Red Eclipse as a Trooper with the Republic, but i am planning to eventually get through the entire storyline with all characters. I am subscribed, and i will remain subscribed for at least the foreseeable future.

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If you're still interested in joining a guild we're a community based end-game guild with several long term members turned friends :) we run weekly SM and HM raids but there's normally people online at any point so it's easy to find someone to run some fps/pvp with.


If you're interested drop me a message or apply here: http://sithdoff.shivtr.com/



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