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Increase the cap for Command Tokens & Unassembled Components


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Dear Devs,


because of the latest announcements for patch 5.2 I will continue, what I have begun in the last two weeks: Storing my Unassembled Components and Command Tokens, to be able to gear up fast with the introduction of the new gear tier. At the moment, I have ~500 unassembled Components due to GSF and PvP. Also, I have 2731 Command Tokens in my legacy + 2580 Command Tokens in my Command Stash, that I don't want to claim, because I would reach the cap of 3000 Command Tokens. My main character is full 242, my first alt is near to that. I have no reasons to trade in Command Tokens or Components any more.


So, I would suggest, to increase the Command Token-Cap and the Unassembled Components-Cap. Somewhere above 5.000 for each is an appropriate limit.

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