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Server Full, placed in Queue


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Yep, saw that on Harbinger as well, an hour or so ago. Got stuck in a queue, even though the server status page shows the population as "Light".



Logged in to Harbinger fine, switched servers a couple times (to Ebon hawk and Begeron Colony) to check something on my charcters there, and when I switched back to Harb, got put in a queue. Cancelled, shut down game and restarted, and still a queue, and I was number fifty-something in line, IIRC. Switched to BC and back to Harb, and that just put me further back in line (number 78). Didin't take too long to get back in the game, maybe 5 minutes or so, but still, shouldn't have any queue at all with "Light" population.


Apparently, whatever "issue" was causing this back in December is back and needs to be dealt with again (see dev post on page 7 of this thread).

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