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Thanks for a great story in KotET/KotFE!


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Just finished the last chapter and it was quite satisfying!

Had a really enjoyable time going through the story.

Played as a Jedi Shadow Consular lightside.


Thank you dev team for the hard work!

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I agree completely. Huge thanks to the team and talent that wrote and designed KOTFE/KOTET. As a consumer, the quality and delivery of the story left me very gratified.


Thanks for the character development (Senya sings and wishes she could speak with her husband, SCORPIO is not one dimensional in her motivations, Tora comes into her own nicely if you remove the trash that originally overshadows her, Valkorion effectively expressing surprise or fear, HK-55 obsession with bugs, the occasional mini games, a million other details.). Thanks for the hard work putting this out. Many of us appreciate this greatly even if we are not heavy posters.


See if you can finagle Disney to market this story for a Netflix miniseries, please!

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