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Romance flags disappearing?


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I'm facing an issue: my female trooper (Golxa on Harbinger) suddenly dropped out of romance without my knowledge.


I was romancing Aric Jorgan on her from the start, rekindled the romance in KotFE, had all the right cutscenes in KotFE 16... and when I say ALL of them, I mean it. I datamined the game for my

and I know every dialogue wheel and every cut line. Check the link if you don't believe me.


So now I'm working on the same compilations for KotET and when I got to chapter 4 I realized that my trooper isn't getting the lines a trooper who romances Jorgan would get (1_18, exchanges_7, exchanges_104, exchanges_105 to be precise, all of them confirmed to exist in the final version of the game by other players).


I went back to KotFE ch16... and now I'm not getting the romance scene there either! As if my trooper isn't romancing Aric at all!


The customer service seems to be completely helpless when it comes to romance flags.

The guy who answered my ticket said that the romance is functioning as planned (when it clearly isn't).

In the past I had a question about Kaliyo romance my assistant said that I probably ended the romance at some point, while in fact I didn't, and my issues were related to the fact that the orders of the scenes with Kaliyo was rearranged in 4.0 (which pushed back the romance-related scenes and made me think that I'm not romancing her)...


Anyway, in one word: has anyone had this problem, and how do I get the customer support to help me?

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