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No servers list after game crashing, plz help me


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Ok so every now and then the game crashes when i swtich servers but when it did this time i closed the window and it wouldnt exit and my pc had a spaz, i restarted it and log into swtor to notice there is no server list, i waited 5 mins and still noth axcept a pop-up saying that there was an error of sorts and ive tried looking through other threads that havnt help me, so, can someone out there bright'n up my day and help me fix this problem, thank you
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EDIT: I reread your post, and hopefully this isn't insultingly basic advice, but a good place to start for any PC issues.


I have had similar issues (not the crashing of the PC part, but the server part).

1. Check that your internet connection is working and stable. I use wireless and my built in wireless card, frankly, sucks. It will drop from full bandwidth down to 2-5mbps randomly, which will cause the game to not work properly (I can't move more than a few meters before hitting an invisible wall, commands entered do not actually go through, that sort of thing), or it will boot me out to the login screen and either no servers will show up, or I get an error when I try to connect. If you can, get a wired connection to the router - it's the most stable. Even temporarily plugging into the router will allow you to see if that is the issue or not. If you tried this already, see some other options below.

2. If the game crashed your PC, something probably got screwed up. You can try the 'fix launcher' option. If it doesn't show up in the start menu, just browse to the folder where the game is installed and look for it there. Run it, and try the game again.

3. If all else fails, uninstall the game and try reinstalling it from scratch.


I would also run the game in windowed mode (in game go to preferences, graphics, select that option from the dropdown list - it will be showing fullscreen by default) for a while after you get it working again, and have the performance monitor (ctrl + alt + del, open task manager, click on the performance tab) up at the same time to see if your PC is able to handle the game (if your CPU and RAM are showing that they are at or close to max, you should probably upgrade if possible. CPU is the most important for this game). Also, make sure the game is the only program running while you are gaming. Generally speaking, a game should never crash your PC unless you are trying to run something that your computer can't handle.


Hope that helps.

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