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Aspects of Terraforming in swtor,purchasable planets/asteroids,etc,Buildable Planets.


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I know swtor it not minecraft etc. But somethimes i wish creators of swtor watch atleast once movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [ the year 2005 version] and made atleast one level 50 character in star trek online to see there alot more things they could do with swtor [not saying clonecopy it,but still get some inspiration,and notice that player made content might be good as well].

The movie is silly,but it did have interesting idea,there was corporation that did build planets/solar systems as contract,like that was the same like build pencil or starship.

So in swtor we do still discovering "new" worlds,but still we only get more innovative ways to destroy them.


What about build some or purchase unhabited place and terraform it. I ve heard rumors of swtor players that did gained milions [even in some cases bilions] of credits and become clueles what to do with them ... so what about purchase planet [maybe asteroid for smaller prize] :D [or direlict dreadnougt in space]?


I think that would be something interesting to see in action ...


Terraforming ... well there is short mention about terraforming Star Forge,but we actualy dont know any closer details about it.

[ I only noticed the ship Gravestone have similiar designed doors like star forge did.]


Building planets could be almost same thing as terraforming ... but sill it could go to whole another level,if we build also whole solar systems and even kickstart the sun/star or place planet over existing sun.

So we could move existing planet to different place.


With Force is everything possible.


Open Space - Well,there been alot talking, many times about open space,but seems we not getting anywhere with it :-/ unfortuantelly.


Ps: I dont want change swtor to something that it isnt,but almost begging for new content in swtor that seems awkward.



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