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I'm Pretty Confused


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I'm actually a returning player. I first played the game when it was initially released and came back to it at least one time after that but encountered technical issues.


For whatever reason I picked it up again after about three years and I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED about the order of things to do after the main story ends. I did a smuggler and skipped the Battle of Ilum because I didn't realize you could solo flashpoints. I did Makeb and then, after figuring out you could solo flashpoints, I did the first two quests in Prelude to Shadow of Revan.


I then threw my hands up in the air and used my one accelerated character to create a level 60 smuggler and started Knights of the Fallen Empire but it became obvious I was missing huge chunks of background. So I gave up and did a Sith Inquisitor story line. This worked out a little better since I seemed to get more direction.


- Did the main story

- Did Ilum plus War for Ilum and The False Emperor

- Did the Prelude to Revan

- Started the Revan main line and I'm currently on Rishi


Assuming I finish Revan then what??? There doesn't seem to be an obvious sequence. I saw one list which implied I should have done Oricon first but I got no real hint of that.


And what's with the Operations (in WOW I think we called them Raids) that seem to be in the middle of story lines blocking them? I say this not from experience but from things I've seen on the forums. It would be nice to have a simple list of the story lines, in a recommended order, with and without Operations since I prefer playing solo.


I find myself extremely frustrated at the moment which is a shame because I really enjoy the story lines.

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Just came back myself, running a new character through things, and as far as I can tell post-Ilum, it goes:

Makeb (Hutt Cartel) - I believe this is chapter 4.

Oricon - side story, requires two operations to finish the story, so meh for the solo player.

Prelude - start of chapter 5.

Rishi - follows up on what the prelude started.

Yavin IV - concludes the Cult of Revan bit.

Ziost - chapter 5 epilogue.


Then you move on to Knights of the Fallen Empire chapter 1.


When you complete Rishi, it should send you to the mission terminal on your ship, which will start the next step. And again when you complete Ziost.


Also, I haven't done the Corelia follow-up, but I'd imagine that comes before Makeb. Just guessing on that, though. And there is CZ-198, which is a level 55 planet like Oricon, which would seem to indicate post-Makeb.

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First off, character boosts are not meant for new or returning players, they are meant for players who have already played through much of the content / classes at least once. Creating a boosted character skips your class story, companion conversations, and various expansion / story content. You cannot go back and do this content on a boosted character and you miss out on companion romances and titles that you'd normally get from doing it.


The main chunks of content and the order they are played are as follows:

-- Class story (levels 1 - 50)

-- Illum (optional)

-- Rise of the Hutt Cartel (51 - 55 ish) (optional)

-- Oricron (optional)


Everything past this point ties into the same story:

-- Shadow of Revan (55 - 60 ish) (this expansion introduces two main characters that are present in all main story content past this point, they're also romancable) (this expansion also includes the planets of Rishi and Yavin IV)

-- Ziost / Rise of the Emperor


And then there is the current main story arc:

-- Fallen Empire (60 - 65)

-- Eternal Throne (65 - 70)


Also, Operations are never required for experiencing all of the main story content, everything can be done solo. Some Flashpoints, on the other hand, are required when playing through some stuff (mainly in Shadow of Revan) but those can always be done solo.


A few notes about leveling:

They revamped the leveling process a while back so you can level (1-50) by only doing purple missions in your mission log, you can skip any yellow missions if you want. Purple missions are your class story and planet story arcs (and expansion stories). This makes leveling quicker and more straightforward.


There is also currently a 250% XP boost event going on for this month. With this active, you can easily level by doing just your class story and nothing else and that should take you well past 50 once you're done. It is alright to level past the recommended level for content. Due to level scaling, you are scaled back in level to match the max level for whatever content you're doing so you never outlevel the content.

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One other thing to be aware of, once you complete the preliminaries (or maybe just when you hit level 60, regardless of what other content you've gotten through) you will get a "mission" in your tracker, saying to use the mission console on your ship to start KotFE. This is wrong. When they updated the main "menu bar" at the top of the screen, they forgot to update this mission. You now start KotFE by using the "Chapters" menu, which you access by clicking the "Mission Triangle" icon in the new menu bar and selecting Chapters, or just hitting SHIFT + E. Edited by Adric_the_Red
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