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LFG Ops / PVE guild on IMP side-


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Hi guys I've been back for a couple weeks now and am looking to start raiding again, currently 4/6 pieces on my Lightning Sorc for set bonus, should be 6/6 in another week if all goes as planned. I'm looking for a PVE based guild that likes to run ops weekly. I'm mainly dps right now but could switch to heals for the right guild. I have played just about every MMO since Everquest up till now almost always as a healer or tank. I used to play swtor back when it very first came out, quit just before the Legacy patch launched and just came back.


You can send me a in game mail or apply to this thread, my mains name in game is Papacheese.

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Welcome back to SWTOR alot has changed since 1.2!


I'd be glad to invite you to my guild, The Art of Warfare, as we run a team on each faction for Ops. I'm not sure about how they are filling people in the Imperial side atm, but when you apply I could easily get you in contact with the team leader.


Otherwise, we are probably going to have more people returning and are going to be working on the new Operations boss releasing with the upcoming patch. Send me an email or try to find me at one of my characters below for more info and an invite to our Teamspeak server.


Email: Treudon@taw.net


Check out my signature for general information about the guild and a link to our community website.

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