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Hello guys



I'm an SWTOR player for 3 years now, who enjoys heavy RP. I'm currently in a guild as a Co-Leader for the past few good months, in the past being an Acolyte > Lord > Darth > Council Member > Co-Leader (Working way up for +-2 years). I am looking to open a new guild with at least 3/4 experienced players that are active everyday or at least once every two. My current guild is a Med RP guild, therefore I'm preferably looking for someone who has experience in Heavy RP guilds as that is what I am aiming for.


I'm looking for people to help me create an interesting guild with an unique lore/backstory, someone who will not only help create a interesting guild but also help with SH's etc.


The reason I'm looking to create my own guild, is because the one I'm currently in doesn't provide me with the stated above, plus for some good time now, it has been doing worse and worse, eventhough I was the one doing and thinking of everything. The server I'm looking to create an guild would be preferably <The Progenitor>, otherwise I'd have to start from the bottom (character-wise).


I've been doing RP pretty much every single day as the Entity's Left hand and Leader of New Sith Intelligence branch, having from 1 to 12 people RP at once. Therefore I am also looking for people who get their head around OPS/PVP (The guild sometimes has to do other things than RP). Just to make it a little more interesting for members, yet staying mainly as RP guild.


I am not looking to join a guild, but to create one. So please do not send me offers to join.


Anyone interested please message me on Enjin or In-game (Kurani).




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