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I started another account and used my refer a friend on the account, but how do I find out if it went through, all my characters on the new account got was a small chest with like 3 items in it, I went into the account info and there was nothing about the 7 days of sub or anything that would come with normally refer a friend.
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The 7 days of subscription time might only apply for accounts that were subscribed in the past, I don't quite remember. If you got the bundle of items, then the referral process went through. You can always double check by going to "My Account" and then "Refer a Friend". All your referrals are listed there.


You get a different bundle of items depending on whether the account is new or has been a subscriber in the past. Also, you only get the cartel coins on your main account if the account you are referring is either currently subscribed or subscribes within 14 days of clicking the referral link.


Here's the official Friends of Swtor page with more info:


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