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Optional Emote Bar + Two Optional Extra Skill Bars


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OptionalEmote bar - Well,somethimes in game there is situation where could be nice [depends on situation] quickly pick emote,not hardly figure out how to type the long name or browse it. It could be just alike the skill bar,or we could use emote as skill [compromise].


Of course its just an idea.


Emote packages from cartel market would be nice to have where it will be few emotes at once and people could buy specificaly becoz of knowledge whats exactly in the package,no random emotes.


Optional Two extra skill bars so we could have in total 8 skilll bars for players that just love play with customizing The UI could be something good,they could be optional, default disabled.

I watched many players with many settings for theirs skills/interface,and mostly it does look like the 6 bars are not enought for them.




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