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Eternal Dawn Online Game Community is recruiting.


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Thought I would re-post in the correct forum area. So much for my powers of observation!


Eternal Dawn is a casual, social (age 18+) multi game online community looking to recruit.


Our players are active in a number of other MMO's such as Rift. TSW, Lotro & GW2 & other online games such as Warthunder, World of Warships & hopefully the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda.


We have a web forum & Ops planner online, and use Discord for voice comm's to link our online community together.


All types & levels of players are welcome. We have rep & XP bonuses & Flagship. We run Op’s (SM & some HM's, mostly successfully!) & events with the emphasis on having fun.


If your looking for an Online home, give us a try. Pop an application in game to Kheld or Juflex or try;





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We have had quite a lot of new recruits & returning players lately, the XP & CXP event has certainly been bringing people back into the game.


We also had a very popular "Slap the Guild Leader" Hide & Seek event (I still have bruises), where the lucky winner won 1 million cr. Gz Lasniril!

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I'm concidering to play my old favourite MMO again.

Do you still have a spot for an old veteran (from when the level cap was still 50 and my sniper was still hot ?)


I will be levelling a new Republic side character , probably with the 65 boost, not sure yet what spec though.

My previous mains from 3 years ago were Sorcerer and Sniper, Empire side ... But I've realized I was on the wrong the side :)


What I did not find, is on which days / times you have events, like ops runs, or pvp. Could you give me some more info?

And what kind of activity (in numbers) can I expect on regular week evenings ?




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