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Just a few suggestions


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I would like to see:


Green portals put on all heroics so that on busy servers solo players have a chance of doing them, many times I have had groups crowd me out or during shock doctrine on Alderaan having other players plant their evidence on the dead bodies of enemies I have killed. I know heroics like the one on Ilum would be difficult but there is no reason for there not being the portals on the lower levels


Lower the cost of cartel packs, when I joined the cartel packs were just over 4000cc and by buying the most amount of cartel coins (5500cc) lead to having over 1000cc left over. Or if this is not doable then increase the amount of cartel coins subscribers receive monthly (in line with the price hike in the packs)


Fix the ongoing issue that appeared so you can get points when talking to Treek, this was lost (I think) when the Revan storyline came in.


Perhaps add a few more species you can play. It would be good if you could play as a Wookie or Trandoshan.


Thank you

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Green portals put on all heroics

Where do you put the phase wall on the Ord Mantell heroics? Phase walls are flat and always anchored at both sides. Sometimes they don't have a barrier at the top, but they always have barriers at right and left. (And the foes for the bonus for one of the Ord heroics aren't even *in* the heroic area, *AND* they are also required mobs for a Trooper class mission...)

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