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Bug Holstered weapon [no weapon in hands] in combat made it into launcher preview.


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Proof here http://cdn-www.swtor.com/sites/all/files/en/promos/201723_250Percent_XP_Boosts_NA/2017207_BonusXP_854x480.jpg The screenshot is from current swtor launcher,source link is swtor web site so i hope it can be considered as safe.

The Tribesman of sand people standing on the screenshot and holding weapon targeted to player [?],but there is slight catch his weapon is holstered [and its not gun,but close combat Two-Handed Martial club/pike] ... So he is in pose like he has the weapon,but he have empty hands.


So i hope this made aware proper people about this bug that can occur during combat as players do play and fight,but the weapons stay seemingly holstered [that look awkward].

Most noticable this bug is when Commando shoots from his assault cannon with empty hands and cannon on the back,but other classes encounter it time to time as well.


Note - Not sure if this bugg might be related to Valkorion unarmed combat sequence,since this bug ocured before it was introduced into swtor.


Ps: Iam aware this no weapon in hands bug was probably reported before.


EDIT 1 - Seems the Sand man does have gun in hands after all... eh... my mistake.


EDIT 2 - Discovered something ... the system that give comand auto hide/witdraw the weapon is top possible culprit in this case ,becoz during combat or between combats the character sets hide weapon,but when combat starts again the character somethimes not recognize he doesnt have weapon in hands. I hope this helps gets closer to solving the bugg. Well it could help if there was posibility tick on/off autohide weapon,getting on speeder or teleporting or using terminals could autohide weapon.



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