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Fix the game


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Seriously, we finally manage to get back to normal activity, even with the lack of content for 2,5 years... and the damn server logs the 8 of us out of the server when the dread council was just 2 alive at 5% to beat them down....


So you don't fix servers, you don't make more content for endgame (sorry a single ops in one year, spread in months for a single boss of it is NOT adding endgame content).


If you want this game to stay alive at least 1 year ADD ENDGAME AND FIX THE SERVERS and BUGS



REMINDER: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=9207522#post9207522

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You don't get it. You just care to read literally and not between lines so you feel justified to insult me.


This is not a rage post, this is a warning post. As you say it happens to everyone. This is a MAJOR problem on server side. They need to fix the damn servers once and for all. an MMO needs a stable server.


Thus no bugs and true new content so repeating the same things and crashing doesn't make such a great deal to those of us who still pay to play and didn't leave due to lack of content

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