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New planet and new race (playable)


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The Planet Dathomir. and the introduction of the Nightsisters. This could be set up as a Lvl 55+ series of quests for all Classes. With unique items for each class upon completion of quests. and a set of heroic quests (4+) that could yield such Items as:


1. A rare Nightsister Crystal (IE. the ultra rare Nightsister Shadow Crystal - an all Black crystal)

2. Nightsister Armor

3. Nightsister Saber (and Double saber)

4. Unique Weapons (ie rifles cannons ect.)

5. Unique titles

6. unique Secondary Equipment ( ie. relics Ect.)


Again this is just a suggestion. However it would add a new flair and unique Story/quests to the game. It also would add a new challenge to the game

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