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Returning Player - A few questions


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Hi All, I've decided to return to the game (despite the CXP concerns) and wondered if anyone would take the time to answer a few questions to help me make some decisions


1) All my characters are on Red Eclipse. Is there a a significant advantage to playing one faction or the other on the server (group finding, pvp/gsf wins)?


2) To try and catch up with the cxp stuff which of the role (tank/heal/dps) is going to be the easiest to do that? Do master mode chapters require you to be a tank/healer? Is group finding too difficult as a dps.


3) I'm not an especially good player, which is the easiest tank (guessing PT?) heal (guessing Sorc?) DPS (guessing Merc?)


4) Whats the most efficient way to grind out the cxp? Still fractured grinding? I know that event is coming up to boost cxp gain


5) Has there been any gsf catch up mechanics added or is it still brutal for the first few weeks


6) At this stage of the game, is tanking as a MS worth considering saying I've never done any of the OPS and not all the FPS.


7) Does giving gifts to companions still take forever? Is there a recognized efficient/cost effective way to do it? I think I read something about level 1 gifts until 30, then 2 to 40 or something


8) do any of the chapter choices you make actually make any difference?


Any other suggestions or things I should know would be appreciated.

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