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Chapter 8 End Times Companion Bug


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I am at the part where Arcann and Senya joins me, but after the cutscene only Arcann showed up as a passive follower and Senya is no where to be found!


I tried to take the fight to Vaylin in the end but there is no way to defeat her without the heals. She just cuts down Arcann and then me in like a min.


Tried to reset, change difficulty etc but Senya just wont show up so I am stuck, can anyone please help?



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Complete chapter 1 , then try chapter 8 , may need to reset chapter 8


advise if this sorts this issue


Your advice worked for me i.e. doing chapter 1 'The Hunt' and restarting chapter 8 'End Times'. Senya appeared and I was able to complete the mission.


Thanks m8

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