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Chief Engineer Penzaren Guide

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Since people are having problems and there is no current guide that has the correct information, I thought I might post a small one:


On the Chief Engineer Penzaren fight (first boss of Destroyer of Worlds), the priority of kills are Eradicator Droid->"Strong" Keeper Droid. The entire group with the exception of melee should be standing in the red circle that forms with the orb because this will provide an armor increase buff when standing inside. You will receive a buff icon on your buff bar when standing in the circle. The red circle spawns on each wave of droids. After you kill the Eradicator Droid, everyone who can stun and knockdown/back should be using it against the weak Keeper Droids until the "Strong" Keeper Droid spawns in. Once the "Strong" Keeper Droid spawns in, DPS should burn it down quickly. After the droid dies, it will electrify the weaker droids, killing them instantly. This also weakens the Chief Engineer Penzaren's shield. Rinse and repeat for 4 waves.


Relevant information:


*The only DoT's that will apply on you when hit are from the Eradicator Droid's flame and the Keeper Droid's bleed stabs. They can be cleansed.*

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