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Bots and spam mail


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So its return of the Bots, they've gone from standing around flashing crew members on and off to standing around killing everything in a low level area while recharging their health ALL the time. I must be endlessly submitting spam reports (sorry admin that spend all day dealing with those :/ )

since I do not have any vid capture software on my comp at the moment All I can offer right now is a screen shot of 4 bots, This was on Hutta on the 31/1/2017 The time can be seen on the screen shot. But they are killing everything as if automated just like bots, and if you are unlucky enough you'll get mail with one of those scam sites saying to do this and get cartel coins for money. These bots are getting ridicules when is something going to be done with them? If their not lagging us to death, their spamming us to death and NOW their blocking low level progression as well. :mad:

link to screen shot


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Your image appears to be non-public as it requires a login to view.


Best bet would be to remove it anyway. Naming names here on the forums is a crash and burn offense normally here on the forums and they'll likely come after you.


These people are making the game unplayable, and i'll check my album I've put it in, I've probs accidently locked it again. and I refuse to live in fear of stupid people, if I did that I would NEVER get anything done in life!

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