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Fleet Stronghold


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It would be awesome if we could decorate our hangar on fleet. So like it is now, we run through the green gateway but then we enter our own customised hangar which we can decorate like a stronghold. Could be the current version for each class with the ship as a fixed object, just let us decorate around it.


Thank you.


This was Carrmins suggestion during our House Party event. Great idea in my opinion which is why I relayed it here :)

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Resurrected as this is still relevant. For those of us that want to be connected to fleet chat but would like to be in our own private area with all of our stronghold amenities. I think it should be smaller than Cor/DK (enough with the brutally large strongholds) but bigger than Kaliyo's apartment. A one story flat with lots of overlapping hooks and a full ship size hangar. The OP's suggestion of using the hanger area is fantastic.


Oh, and a view of the fleet.... And training dummies added.... And a new crafting vendor. :D

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