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I have been wondering if there are others that dislike the direction this game is going?


I have been a subscriber since the middle of the 1st year and I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that this game has sunk to it's lowest level since I started.


Who remembers the individual class missions and the development time with companions that made this a great game.


I have heard bioware talk about returning to "bioware story telling" and wonder when they will start.


My characters have gotten weaker (nerfed) and with this new phase cant get improved gear without endless grinding with uprisings that give xp so slow it isn't worth doing.


Companions killed off or disappear when you have spent time and credits to make useful.


My question is if anyone from bioware reads these posts to answer if the game is going to last beyond this year?

Are any improvements going to be made that will benefit those, like me, that have paid for the game?


The friends I have played with for years now have left the game for others. I believe it is time for me to do the same.


Am I the only one that feels this way?


Bioware - where are you going? Is there going to be new content besides these uprisings? I think as a person that has paid for the subscription I have some right to know. My subscription runs out the beginning of march. At this point I wont be renewing.


What do you have to say about all this?


So my suggestion is to fix the game and make it fun like it once was or you will find a decreasing subscriber base.

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I agree, everything the developers announce as 'big and exciting changes' are nothing but a joke, destroying the gameplay we enjoyed for so long and paid real money to support over the years (I'm sub since Nov. 2013). Class nerfs, abilities removed (worst example is what they did with phase walk)


They removed the commendations system because 'it was too difficult to understand for new players' and introduced the stupid RNG box system. STUPID. Then they reintroduced the command tokens system, not hard to understand at all. Yeah right.


Let's not forget the slap in the face to all of us PvPers, taking away our legally and hard earned WZ comms with ONE day notice to be character bound and converted to money with an idiotic cred cap. And what do we get in return for all this? Glitched old maps and no new WZ maps except 1 arena (gee thanks!) and Odessen Proving Grounds.


OPG has proven one thing: The Developers are full of it. For years I've heard people suggesting to have FPs or even OPs with mixed groups with PUBs and IMPs. The response was always the same: 'It can't be done' ...but hang on! WZ are different somehow! Let's mix up the queues! OMG what a fascinating and refreshing idea they got.


Recolours anyone? are those worth our money? I don't think so. Shuffeld up gear pieces to be renamed and put into packs? New crafting schematics and materials!... nowhere to be found, except with crew skills. But wait! you took away my best companions! Ohh but i have all this Jawa crap, only they don't sell any new mats, so it remains being actual crap taking up space in my CH.


It would seem they have no clue what they're doing and just keep making changes to appear to be working hard on this game. Or maybe there's no real direction in the devs team and each group responsible of different aspects of the game are doing what they want without paying attention to how it affects the gameplay in other areas.


That would explain why we see mo many glitches after each patch in things that used to work just fine for years. My point is why do they need to break up the old content instead to adding new stuff? Because it's cheaper that way. Why make a whole new class oriented story line and OPs when all we need to do is play the originals over and over again, even if they're glitched beyond belief.


Yes sir, it's cheaper this way. And what we get for our money is a cheap recycled game. And why do I keep playing it? because I still like the game, I still have fun playing WZs with old friends. What I hate is to see most of my good friends gone someplace else and where this game is going...

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