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New planet.


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So i was thinking in the knights intro the guy says that your former masters praise your combat skills and i thought why not create a new planet where the knight and consular trained on (so about 12-16 players would be grouped up for it and its a mix of both knights and consulars) and the knight trains with his/her masters and the consular goes through his/her training. And also during character creation they make to characters 1. The youngling on the new planet and 2. The one when they come to tython. Now the mew character will be a kid and once the new planet missions are completed on tython the second character takes place (the older one) and i was thinking the new planet could be one of ilums moons and its name could be Ilumis 7.


Now ilumis 7 would be a planet that has a jedi temple that has stood there for 5000 years and its enviroment would be green sand terrain and have many lightsaber crystal caves.


Now the youngling would eventually have a mission where they go into the cave and find there lightsaber crystal now upon finding their lightsaber crystal they can choose its colour

1: Blue



4:Purple (Subscribers only)

After choosing their crystal when they make their lightsaber on tython the colour they chose will be the colour of their lightsaber.

And i was thinking with naming characters that it should let you use a name evem though it is already taken cause finding an untaken name you want is a pain.

And during The ilumis 7 missions you wont gain Xp points but you will gain extra credits and alignment points.

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