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hello, so the reason ive made this thread is because i would like some advice on RP due to the fact that i have been bullied because im bad at it, and its got to the point where friends have been told to block me and remove me from the guild. So i would like some help on how i can be a good role-player without stuffing things up and people snapping at me, so if i could get some help i would appreciate it... thank you.
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Well, personally, I'd say : Look out for a pen & paper group, and train role playing there. That's my personal opinion, but I'm kind of biased as well, because pen & paper role-playing is where I come from, so to say.


There are several kinds of personalities who want to do RP, though ... Our pen & paper group had 2 younger players for some time for whom loot and greed was the main thing / the main goals for their characters they played. This might fit into a group of players who have a similar goal, but does not at all fit into a group for which socializing is the main aspect, and complex characteroizations as well, maybe. So, in the end, they had to go, because they simply didn't fit into our group.


This is one of the biggest obstacles I see, personally : To find a group into which the own play style fits.


There are several web sites out there where you could learn from, but I don't know much of them, because I'm not an active RP player anymore ( given up a few years ago because of RL ).

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Ah i see what your saying... so it all depends on the type of personalities you have for your character and the back stories to them that determine whether you fit in with people. Well problem is... when searching for the right guild by asking on general chat you might get those people who just like to be a dick about it.
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If you want to play a ... not-so-intelligent character, then you could even exaggerate bad grammar ! :D;) And spelling, of course as well ! :D


A nice start would be to emulate the way of speaking of Jar Jar Binks - but of course not fully like him, because his speech is unique to his species. Unless ... you find a way to make up your character's backstory so that he has been growing up among them ... Which could be tricky, because i don't think that his species is already known in the time frame of SWTOR ...


If you manage to make up a really GOOD background stor, then almost anything is possible ! ;)

But please no trash like ... vampire-like Sith living for Millennia, always hunting for blood or other things that look very unbelievable ... You need to give your character a backstory that's believable - and then let your character act according to that !

For example, your character's parents were killed by Bounty hunters ß Place a "I hate Bounty Hunters" into ANY meeting with Bounty Hunters ! ;) But please be careful not to exaggerate that too much, because at one point the coin flips over, and it becomes comical - the exact opposite of what was intended.

You could try looking at TV shows ... One of my far favourite character from TV series was Murdock from The A-Team. You could see this character flipping from side to side ... A very difficuult character to write and maintain ( I never dared to do so ).


My personally best character was an Half-Elf from the TDE Fantasy setting (TDE = The Dark Eye, a Low-Fantasy setting, quite unlike (A)D&D) ), who has been living between humans and Elves as a Trader, and then been going into a group of Adventurers ... which mainly consisted of humans (plus one or two dwareves as well) ... I managed to make him look like the Half-Elf being astonished of the human culture - and, in some cases, being frightened of it as well. He got sucked more and more into human cultures, and drifted more and more away from his elven way of liviong, thus becoming more and more badoc ("badoc" is a term used by TDE Elves describing an Elf who went too far into materialistric human culture - you could translate "badoc" as "mad", but there is more to it ...) Well, our GM told me that I had played him fairly well, but I had to leqave the group due to RL.


You can se by that that having a kind of backstory / background is essential for outlining a character - but you must also be able to play this character in a - more or less - believable way. "Where did you get this glove from ?" "I stole it from Boba Fett" is not very believable. "I found it in a battlefield" sounds more believable, but does that mean you took it from a dead corpse ? That's not that good, unless you want to really play a gruesome character, one who actually drinks blood for breakfast. "A woman gave it to me as a present, a remnant from her husband, after I had avenged the death of her husband by hunting down his killer" sounds far more believable, at least as long as you don't play the absolutely greedy Bounty Hunter. But since I have never played BHs, I can't say what's "the norm" with playing BHs.


So, that's just thoughts.

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I don't have much to add about the RP for op, but I would like to expand slightly on what was said about BH. Specifically, the "Bounty Hunter's Creed", if you decide to take that route:


-No bounty is worth dying for.

-People don't have bounties. Only acquisitions have bounties.

-Capture by design, kill by necessity.

-No hunter shall slay another hunter.

-No hunter shall interfere in another's hunt.

-In the hunt one captures or kills, never both.

-No hunter shall refuse aid to another hunter.


Also note that class =/= role, most of the time. For example, if your character's official class is Jedi Knight, but you RP closer to the typical Sith Code, you could be considered a Dark Jedi. Conversely, you could be a Sith Lord who goes against the ideal/stereotype that hate and rage are the the only 'true' Sith ways - passion can take many forms, after all. Regardless of what you do, be sure to do research if necessary, and stick with the personality you make - it's usually not very acceptable to have a flip floppy personality when you're in-character (IC).


These are merely suggestions. I don't have much Star Wars RP experience, but I do observe a lot, so take this how you will.

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