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Chapter 2: Run for the shadows, defeat the jungle beasts, companion don't spawning.


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When the quest started, i discovered that the mobs is too difficult, i used everything, medpacks, def cooldowns etc, but didnt pass. Then i go to yt and noticed that there should be companion. I tryed to restart chapter several times, but it didnt worked. Help plz. Edited by Lorderonwars
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Has just happened to me. No 'phase' to reset, chapter cannot be reset. Relogged, restarted game, etc. Empress Acina is not in the available companions. Any story progression is impossible without skipping the chapter completely and losing any romance with KotFE companions.


Porting to fleet allowed me to reset the mission, but Acina still does not appear.


Seems this bug occurs when another chapter is opened. http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=913687


I had Chapter 1 of KotFE open, so ran it and Acina was available when starting Run for the Shadows

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