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Consistency of SW:TOR


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Agreement, harmony, or compatibility, especially correspondence or uniformity among the parts of a complex thing.




Now where to start, because tbh with you there are so many things wrong with this game that its hard to even start with something. But ok if i have mentioned consistency already, lets move along with it. Why game is missing it, its missing the harmony the feel like everything is working right. You want to know why? Because devs should have focused on simple and solid plan, were always thinking "lets make something new and see what happens" (aka starfortresses, ethernal championship, uprisings) instead of making something simple that is based on current system (FP for example). Why you will say? Simplicity. Simple is always the best.


I hope im right with this one and i belive that devs wanted to create some new system for people that like to play short things, to drag people with things that can be played in 30m or lesser time. After 3.0 patch, all content felt like it was made in favor and with look of MOBA games. Short content, made with lowest ammount of work, just to catch attention of some people for some time that is enough to make a new another trashy stuff. WRONG. This is an MMO. This game will always be grindy, time eating, moneywaster that we, mmo players, enjoy to play.


Now how MMO works. To see this we need to go back to the beginning of SW:TOR and MMO massive popularisation that happend with WoW.


What whas the plan for Blizzard? Simple plan. Lets make a game inside of well known and very popular theme with a simple system of typical MMO. And so the World of Warcratf was born. But why it succeeded? Partly because of warcraft name, true, but mainly because Blizzard never gave up the original idea. Dungeons, raids, world bosses that actually hurt you and give proper rewards, LOTS OF STORY (yes, wow has a great story, comparable with SW:TORs, just delivered differently) and lots of quests, achivements, and events. And simple PvP. Time passed, some things were tweaked, new content was added, but it was always inside of the simple plan, simple pattern of the original mmos.


How it went for BioWare? Well, At start it was all cool and very simple. Big universe to explore with HUGE AMOUNT OF FANS - Star Wars. Simple start happened based on experience from other games and mmos - Flashpoints (dungeons), Some Operations (raids) pvp, etc, Game was rolling oujt very well. Sure, at 1.0 game was going to derail due to the lack of content, but it was all fixed with 2.0 patch. Lots of new stuff, new fp, new ops, new daily area, new story etc. Then 3.0 went live. New content, lots of it. All was cool. I had more things to do than in 2.0 Tbh. Game was rolling like mad. New people coming etc. And most important thing was concluded. Simple system well known for everyone. And then 4.0 went live.


People were asking for continuation of original story, individual chapters for each class, because they were bored with unified story for all classes. People recieved unified story yet again, people were asking for group content, recieved half baked star fortresses and ethernal championship. Things that were supposed to hold people in game with a feel of MOBA. Short and paced action made with lowest amount of work. People were asking for new arenas and overall new content for PvP, Recieved one warzone that nobody understand.


Why leave the simple and working very well system in favor of something seriously stupid? I dont get it


And then 5.0 went live. World of mmos is fighting with cancer called RNG. Wherever you look, you will see it and rng is followed by tons of seriously bad feedback so why going in to that river of cancer? I dont get it either.



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