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servers offline: 1/27/17


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I'm not sure but they are straight up horrible. I played when it first came out, they had the same problems and gave out little to no info and never an eta when things would actually be done. Last post I saw was they said it would be another 30 mins (doubt it). I can feel that they probably wont fix it today, thus wasting a day out of my sub with no apologies for wasting my money.
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This is what's known as the dev tracker. It lists all of the staff member's posts:




In case you'll forget it, you'll find a link to it at the upper left on the front page of the forums located here:




If you skim the dev tracker, you should see the announcements of what happened.


Please give this a looksee - http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=9223305


Hope this helps

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