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Group Finder daily rewards


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After 5.1, I now find the gearing process bearable, although I still prefer pre 5.0 methods better. One way I can think of improving the grind, however, is to put command tokens as daily rewards into Group Finder. That way, certain flashpoints and uprisings don't get farmed due to exploits and other reasons. I even have amounts in my head as to how much should be rewarded: 5 tokens for SM flashpoints, uprisings and heroic missions via Galactic Command, 10 tokens for veteran mode flashpoints and uprisings, and 20 tokens for master mode flashpoints, uprisings and GF operations.


While we're on the subject, the weekly quests for flashpoints, uprisings and operations in all difficulties should have command token rewards attached to them as well. I was thinking 50 tokens each, but, upon reflection, this may be seen as overkill, about 30-40 would be more reasonable. The game can also bring back priority HM ops by giving out the 50 tokens I previously mentioned to players that kill a certain ops boss (Styrak in SnV etc.), and have that target boss change from week to week at random. The trade-off is that the target boss is slightly harder to defeat.


Since I don't do PvP, I don't have any ideas on command token rewards for warzones, but writing this, I get the feeling that token rewards should be given to PvPers depending on how they did in a warzone, how many medals they earned, etc. Of course, if that happened, the number of tokens that can be issued to players after a match will have to be capped to ensure balance. Something along the lines of 1 or 2 tokens for each medal they earn in a warzone would be nice. I am at a loss, however, as to how many command tokens the daily and weekly PvP missions should reward, ranked and unranked. GSF should get some love too, maybe attach token rewards for matches and missions related to GSF.


It is unlikely, however, that the changes I highllighted and so desire will make it into the game, or that Eric or any other member of the dev team will read this. I am just spitballing here. I'm sure others will have better ideas.

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