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Could anyone summarise each discipline's playstyle?


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Hey all, I'm a returning player that hasn't played since launch. Unfortunately I never really got into the game. Since WoW was my MMO of choice at the time I came into SWTOR with the same playstyle; I would skip all the dialogue, pick up all the quests, then just go kill stuff. Only ever got a Trooper up to Act 3 and Agent up to Act 2 I think.


However after watching Rogue One, and subsequently watching Episodes I-VII in chronological order I fancy playing again for a while just to really get into the class stories.


I'd really appreciate it if someone could summarise the playstyles for each Advanced Class Discipline though. I hate the idea of spending several hours on a character only to realise the rotation isn't fun. If possible, using comparisons to WoW specs would be useful (although I haven't played for about 2 years so any Legion changes will be lost on me) but any info at all will help.


Thanks to anyone who takes the time to post!

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