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Quest Suggestion - Folow the Footsteps of Red Reaper/Darth Ikoral.


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There was flashpoint in swtor named Red Reaper , it could have some maybe insignificant story quest afterwards added to it.The mad Sith Lord [Darth Ikoral] had pretty huge databanks where he been and what he done,definetly he explored planets that we never heard of them in search for the forgotten Sith Purebloods that he did take some with him to his dreadnought.


The quest could be also part of after Kotet events for seeking new allies,exploring new worlds to strength then up the Eternal Alliance. Gaining rare materials.Maybe part of this quest could be steal the dreadnought of that Sith Lord [Darth Ikoral],becoz it would be only way get the informations from it [sidenote - there is no info about the ship to be destroyed].


I dont expect much from this quest,but new places to explore and learn about those that been forgotten,that could be good addition to game. Becoz some places are nice to look at them,but its not much explorable and some that are already explored cant be explored more.


Example - Korriban/Tython/Corruscant/Drumond Kass/Yavin 4 that have huge potential for exploring,but after 20-60 minutes in that places,there is nothing more to explore or discover,no hidden doors,hiden buttons revealable by force sight or equal technological device crafted with help of force emulate effects of force sight [for those that does not wield the force],no tresure vaults to check up whats inside :-/ .



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