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Healer class?


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I'm curious on the types of healers...


I know the healers of Swtor are: Sage, Commando, Scoundrel, Operative, Sorcerer, and Mercenary.


What sets each one apart and makes them different from the other healers?


What healer would y'all say is the least commonly seen on the servers? (I play on Harbinger)


I truly want to know because I am a healer main in every MMO I play... Most MMOs I play, have straight forward healer classes. It's only with Swtor that I can't truly decide on a healer class since they all seem to have something special about them.

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As I am also studing up on healers (after a number of years off), I am going to post a quote from another thread (Best current HEALER class? (5.0))


Tldr: Sages/Sorcs are best



Every healer can be good right now, and every healer can do every type of content in the game and do just fine, whether that is NiM Ops or ranked pvp. That being said, some healers are better at certain things than others (and some healers it is easier to get to a passable level than others):



1. Scoundrels/Operatives are hands down best AoE heals. With a big group that is pretty tightly pulled together, they can do insane numbers. They are also incredibly good at fights where there is relatively constant damage going out to the whole group, as they can put kolto probes/slow release medpacs on everyone and again, pull insane numbers.

2. Commandos/Mercs are best at burst. This is the healing class I play the least (I still let people die in sms sometimes lol) so I don't want to say too much in case I'm wrong, but I believe there are ways to get a tank from like 1% up to full in like 2 or 3 gcds if you have all your cool downs. Suffers a bit in aoe healing though. Can do best damage as a heal spec though (so I've heard), so it has that going for it.

3. Sages/Sorcs are a good mix of both burst and aoes. They can also put bubbles on people to protect them from incoming damage in the first place, which is good to start off the fights. It is also the easiest to get to a passable level in (not good, they are all equally difficult) as your strongest heal at endgame is called roaming mend/wandering mend, and it basically bounces between targets based on who has the least health, so it does a lot of the work for you.



1. Operatives/Scoundrels: Excellent in regs, tough to use in ranked (there are obviously some people who are really good, but fewer than sages/sorcs or even mercs after the 5.0 changes). As mentioned above, they have good aoes, and their stealth makes them really helpful with objective play, either stalling the other team from capping a node, or stealth capping yourself. Also, king at huttball.

2. Mercs/commandos: Decent in regs, decent in ranked. This is different from 4.0 and 3.0, as mercs/mandos were easy to kill as they didn't have a "leave me along button", but with the new reflect ability, they have basically 6 seconds of immunity so that makes them much better. I'd still take a sage over a merc in ranked as they are better at kiting and have more dcds (and specifically, a 2nd "leave me alone" button).

3. Sages: Still king of pvp (though not as much as 4.0). Great at kiting, great at putting up numbers, lots of dcds, and 2 "leave me alone" buttons (phase walk and god bubble) make sages the best at staying alive (which is the important part of ranked, and is pretty important in regs too), and their burst and aoe heals means that they can both keep someone alive if they are being focused, and keep the group up as a whole through aoe damage.


Anyway, so above are very simplified explanations of what each class strengths are, and are mostly my opinion, but I guess that's what you get for asking on a forum :rak_03: Let us know if you have any other questions!

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