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please stop


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Everyone will you please stop hating on BioWare? Everything they are doing right now is for us the players.


Did they have to allow us early access to the game?


The answer to that is no. All of this is a privilege that BioWare decided they are going to give to their community. They could have told us hey here is the release date and this is when you are going to get on the servers. Then you have x amount of people trying to log into the game at the same time and you have servers crashing mobs way overfarmed and all of that.


If you want to be so quick as to insult them then try doing this yourself. Regardless of how good or bad you think they are doing this the bottom line is it didn't have to be done in the first place. So if you want to sit there and complain then hold your tongue and wait like other people have to for that e-mail. BioWare has a plan they are going to stick to and it will work.


Patience people patience.

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