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Missions Should Have Spoiler Warning If Not At Appropriate Part In Story


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I got distracted and played a lot of Galactic Starfighter. This caused me to gain a lot of levels far beyond where I should've been at my point in the story. This unlocked a lot of flashpoints and operations that I wasn't ready for storywise. (I have found out overleveling is pretty much inevitable with the new XP values.)



There should be a warning if your character isn't at the appropriate part in their story for these flashpoints and ops. There should also be an option to turn off these warnings in Preferences for players that have gone through the game several times and are familiar with the timing of the flashpoints and ops so as not to annoy them. I noticed these warnings exist in the descriptions for the expansions.

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That isn't even an "overleveling" thing. With 4.0 they flat out set the availability of ALL tactical flashpoints to be 15-65 (and scaled / bolstered to 65) regardless of anything else. (Exception: Black Talon Esseles are only available in the queue from levels 10-14 and are scaled and synced for something like level 10 or 12.) And all hard mode flashpoints and the operation queue are available from 50-65 (actually scaled and bolstered to 65) instead of distinguishing what was in the original level 50, 55, and 60 content.


They did that instead of taking what would have been a more sensible approach of opening up only the maximum levels of those flashpoints while keeping the same minimum levels. (ie Make each one available from X to 65 where X = the flashpoint's original minimum level.) The flashpoints should have kept the staggered minimum levels, and they should have been bolstered to their minimum level and synced to around their original maximum level. (Not just rescaled and bolstered to 65 where they will eventually need to be rescaled and bolstered to 70 whenever they next raise the level cap again.)


An approach like I describe would still have the benefit of keeping the queues wide open to as many players as possible (as opposed to before 4.0 where options were "lost" when you outleveled them) but it would have avoided the grievances that people have had with the current format where it's so over-the-top open-ended that newer characters / players can get content from later in the game spoiled for them and players in those later flashpoints can find themselves carrying a low level teammate who lacks the abilities to contribute fully to the group's efforts.


If that had been the case, then your issue really would have been from overleveling. I'm not sure what they could really do at that point though. Should each character have some sort of button(s) in the tactical group finder filter to enable/disable eligibility of certain chunks of content from being considered in the queue for that character, with it being setup so that options excluded by this toggle do NOT make you ineligible for the group finder daily reward? (It'd just gray them out, the same as if you're outside their level range. Then have a spoiler disclaimer in the confirmation for enabling a set of options.)


Slight tangent: I think the concept of the group finder daily reward ought to be reconsidered in some way. Like maybe instead of only having the one prize offered for queuing for ALL available options... Maybe there could be a few smaller breakdowns for certain subsets of the list? Like...

1) Black Talon, Hammer Station, Athiss, Mandalorian Raiders, Cademimu, Boarding Party, and Foundry (total = 7 required options, covers level 10-40 flashpoints)... I might also say add KDY to this list.

2) Colicoid War Game, Red Reaper, Directive 7, Battle of Ilum, False Emperor, Kaon Under Siege, and Lost Island (total = 7 required options, covers level 40-50 flashpoints)... I'd say add KDY to this list as well and maybe add both Czerka flashpoints to this list.

3) Everything else. (total = 9 flashpoints (the 2 Czerka, the 4 in the Forged Alliance arc, the 2 on Rishi, and KDY), although if the Czerka ones are put in group 2 I wouldn't list them here so then the total here is just 7 flashpoints.)


In each case, you'd need to have all 7 or so of the group's options enabled and selected, and you'd need to get grouped into and complete one of them to get that particular daily reward. And for the filter enable/disable buttons it would be everything listed in these groups (excluding KDY) that you could enable/disable all at once, with appropriate spoiler warning disclaimers in a confirmation box and on the tooltips when mousing over the buttons.


Yes, I'm pretending in this that they'll add tacticals for the ones that are currently missing that option (CWG and I think also KUS and LI.)

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