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Kicked to server selection


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Keep randomly getting kicked to server select screen and is empty for a few minutes.


And on a related side note:


1) If I was in queued in GF that will be bugged also and I cannot leave or enter queue until client restart.

2) If I log onto a different character in the same guild, the character I just logged on does not show up as online in the guild list but my previous character does.


Sometimes this happens very seldom and sometimes every 3-5 minutes. There's no warning either. The connection will be fine, no lag it will just kick me to the server selection screen without warning.

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Every 3-5 minutes means something is interfering with your connection on a regular basis.


From previous threads on the topic:


Double check to see if the launcher and swtor.exe have access past your firewall. May even want to flip that access on and off a few times.


If you have the AVG anti virus, a strong suggestion to turn it off if not go ahead and remove it. They selling off your personal data anyway...


Double check your log files to see if anything is getting dropped in there.


May also just be on an ISP that resets your connection ever so often. AT&T does that in an attempt to stop folks from torrenting.

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