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LF Active/Mature Guild


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Good Morning,


I am looking for an active guild that is also interested in conquest. I normally brought in between 100-250k points in my last guild each week over 6-8 characters. There is not much left in SWTOR I have not done so that is how I keep my interest along with operations. All my characters are geared for SM/HM OPS and PVP. I enjoy helping others.


The catch: I am looking for activity and a laid back environment with mature players who don't seem to feel they need to brag about every achievement, how they "wreck" people, and a group with integrity. This eliminates many guilds so if your Guild Chat looks like Gen Chat please don't waste your time on an invite.


You can reach me online via my main. Just shoot me an in-game mail if that toon is not currently logged in.

- Mellania


Thank you for your time and have a good day.

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Hello there! You did not mention what faction you play most? but if you are still seeking a guild on pub side maybe Order of Serenity would be a good fit for you? can check out our profile here on the forums and if you think we are a good match then please hit us up! Always looking for more people interested in conquests!


Good luck !

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