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BMF is recruiting


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We BMF have decided to move to the Shadowlands from The POT5 and are currently looking for new bodies to run some OPS, FPs, WZs or anything in between. We have a friendly community with us through leadership, Vets, new recruits and everybody else we like to call our family. We are very competitive in all attributes that SWTOR has to offer us. Whether that be conquest or other engagements. If you have any questions contact Larkön (guildmaster/ alt code 148) Nixva (officer) Dreadnex aka Dae ( officer) Tal'ajax (officer) myself Haricy (lower tier officer) or go to our website at http://www.bmfgamers.com We are always welcoming feedback and questions about our guild and inquisitions anyone may have. thank you Edited by jedi_killa_
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