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Who would support the new (IMP) guild "Forcetexer Empire"


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Hello, i hope anyone is reading this thread. Forcetexer Empire is my new Guild and i have the big dream, that we can get really big and famous just as "Sick of U" We have a guild ship since yesterday and we search for members who are interested in swtor and maybe support us. It´s like a project: can a no-name guild get famous when there are so many guilds in the Galaxie of swtor, and when the game is 5 years old?

I got the 50 million alone. I had no help on this way, but maybe you could help me now to make my dream come true.

It would be awesome if we, together as a community could make this project real. You could help us to get the FULL ship, decorate it, and rule a part of the Galaxie. We need millions of credits but i think, we can make it.



You can reach me in game, if you search "Forcemaster" my main char, or "Legendary-force" my second main char.

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