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Refer a friend rewards bugged and has stopped giving me monthly cc


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I have referred a friend about 9 months ago. Considering i play with her on a daily basis i know shes always been subbed. But according to the site it says that she has been unsubbed for over 90days (she has been subbed through the entire last 9 months). I tried asking her to reuse my link because it says that if someone has been unsubscribed for over 90 days they can use another link just to see if it works, but it does not allow her to use it because it says she is already linked to an account (mine) .I have received a total of 700cc from the refer a friend process from her so far (500cc for the initial usage of my link and then another 200cc for 2 months after) so technically i am owed 700cc by the game.)


Can anyone help me with this?

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