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Sith Lord Looking for Guild


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Hey everyone,


I'm a founding player who has been away for some time, but like many has returned. I'm looking for a roleplaying guild that is part of the Empire, where I don't have to roleplay a master/apprentice relationship, for my main character. I also have at least a level 50 character in every class on both the Republic and Empire sides.


My main character is Lord Icabod, a human Sith with a natural talent in both prophecy and Sith alchemy. Not the greatest lightaber duelist in the world, and a bit of coward. He has a penchant for attempting to construct elaborate Xanatos gambits. Previously he worked undercover for his master, Darth Cynga, on Coruscant, attempting to manipulate the Black Sun into damaging the Republic. Needless to say this whole Zaakul thing has made that somewhat difficult. There's more to it of course, but we might be able to go over that in person.


Please contact Icabod if you have room for him in your association, or leave a post here!



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