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Other Forms for Knight/ Warrior ?


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I know that it would be a major change but I think it would be cool to have more than only the three lightsaber forms that are clearly bound to one dicipline. Wouldn't it be interesting to be able to choose a lightsabre form that opens up different ways to play one discipline.

Also it would be cool lore/ and roleplaying wise to further personalize your character.

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Also, in terms of lore and based off of the abilities that the forms' disciplines give you, here is what the forms ACTUALLY are lorewise:


Shii-cho - Niman (prime clue: force powers)

Soresu - Soresu (they actually didn't mangle this one too badly)

Ataru - Juyo (prime clue: speed & precision)

Shien - Ataru (prime clue: acrobatics & movement speed boost)

Juyo - Shien (prime clue: inverted grip)

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