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Personal Loot System


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Instead of 'Unassembled' loot pieces, we could have Ops bosses drop 'Unassembled Equipment Components' which go to EACH PLAYER SPECIFICALLY AND CANNOT BE TRADED.


Per boss you might get 20-30 components, for instance, out of perhaps 90 or 100 which you need to actually get the gear piece. To give an example - Toth and Zorn might drop between 20 and 30 'Unassembled Implant Components' for each player present, Soa might drop 20-30 'Unassembled Mainhand Components', etc.

What about 16-man raids? They could drop 40-50 components.


WHY? The current gear system has always been a source of tremendous bitterness, frustration and fury. Who gets what and why takes up too much time and energy - it's a massive disincentive to leading raids because you have to play Mommy and dish out loot to hysterical whiners, and it's also a disincentive to joining PuG raids because some douchebag might use masterlooter to just steal everything and leave.

Let me be clear - I'm not saying that all raiders are awful people - I raid a lot and I know the opposite is the case. But the truth is, in my experience, the current system tends to bring out the worst in people, and can even cause guilds to fracture and players to actually leave the game.


Additional Recommendations:

i) If a player spends a substantial portion of the boss fight DEAD they should get far fewer of the loot components.

ii) If a player does extra-huge dps, takes an extra-huge amount of damage, or does massive levels of effective heals - they should get extra components.

iii) Mats and decos and sub-optimal gear piece drops should be assigned randomly BUT be tradeable.

iv) 'Extra' or 'Left-over' components you might have for one piece of gear could be traded (perhaps incurring some cost penalty - maybe in what we now call radiant crystals or whatever) for components of a different gear piece so they're not going to waste.

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