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We are an established guild that's been active for over a year now. Our guild's anniversary was this past week and we had tons of activities that many players took part of. We had small games like Hide and Seek, Speeder Racing, and Boxing Matches. Our best event was our Republic guild (<Aura II>) versus <Aura> in which we battled it out on Tatooine and had other guilds join the fight on both sides. Had about 40+ players on both sides fighting in the dune sea. After the amazing turnout, we will be having future events such as these in the near future.


I am the new GM of <Aura> but i have been with the guild since it first was made about a year ago. Our focus then is still our focus now, and we wanted the guild to be a hub for social and hardcore players for PvP, Raids, Conquest, Flashpoints, Heroic Events (Binoc missions, HK missions, Seeker Droid mission), and Monthly Events (Ilum, Bounty Hunter's Association, Rakghoul).


With the new installment of KOTFE, along with the 4.0 patches, SM raiding has seen a decrease in activity. HM Raids and PvP are now "the thing". And the Credit Run Loot system has also taken a newly found precedence in the game as almost every HM Raid uses it. As a guild, we do not support the Credit Run Loot System. Some players, such as myself, aren't too concerned with credits or earning gear. We would just like to do raids for the fun and challenge.


At the moment we are looking for players to form a dedicated progression group(s) for SM/HM/NM 8man Raids.

Contact: Jadeshaw via In-Game mail if interested.


Our guild does plenty of PvP, and we have fun doing it. We mostly do Warzones, and occasionally do Open World PvP (mostly during the Ilum Event).


Conquest has been up and down for us. We make it in the Top 10 and around 4th or 5th place but never near the top. We have plenty of dedicated crafters who make Conquest items but they also make items for use by all other players.


Our Guild Flagship and Stronghold, all have whatever anyone needs. We have GTNs on both as well as utilities for all players.


Our guild uses a website mainly to communicate to the guild. Important announcements are the first thing to show up on the website, that way players don't have to click on the individual forums to find out what is going on. We also have guides and videos as well as just regular chat. If you would like to check the website out here is the link: http://aura.gamerlaunch.com/


For voice communication we are now using Curse Voice, but due to a new update we may be changing to Discord if need be.


We have just created a YouTube account in which those that have editing software or those that can or do make videos can post anything SWTOR related into the channel. It is an all access account for players of the guild. At the moment we have no videos up on the channel but if anyone is interested in subscribing for future videos the channel is here ---> Aura SWTOR


If anyone has any other questions you can pm me or message me in-game.


Jadeshaw is my main.

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