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Op or PT for DPS?


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Just returning since shortly after 4.0. Looking for a good melee DPS class but I don't want to run Mara just because they are putting out crazy numbers. Looking for something not every one runs. I know the PT was nerfed after 4.0 cause those 20-25K crits were just too much fun. They have heavy armor and crazy burst for the AP but I know nothing about the burn spec. Op has the stealth Aspect to it. I am torn between the too just seeing if anyone has some advice for an average player. But no means will I be jumping into NiM any time soon. Mostly just HM stuff.


For the Op I have been running dot spec and with 216 comms gear with some augs no set bonus, I have been around 4.7-5.2 dps in actually HM's recently. It's roughly about the same with my PT although I have a rough time managing hear in the AP spec. So my dps with my PT is more just under 5k dps most of the time. I am just going to try and focus on one and gear him out and try to get up into the 5.8-6.2K range for my DPS so I'm not being carried.


I know that the Op dps is the least run class in the game and most of the FOTM players left the PT after the Nerf but I like to be different and try to break the mold away from the same classes that everyone runs


Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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