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Computer locking up?


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Ok, this probably isn't the correct forum, but given that I'm not reporting a bug, and I'm not having a problem with the game itself.. there really isn't an appropriate place to ask this. (Customer service forums had nothing on this.)


Since installing SWTOR, my computer freezes up randomly (with large spikes in "System and compressed memory" CPU usage) My OS is Windows 10.

This happens even after the game is closed for a while, and only happens when/after I deal with the game at all, and only gets solved with a restart.


(I'm reinstalling the game at this moment, after completely wiping it off of my machine, and it's locking up periodically during the install. It's as if the installer is freezing repeatedly, and taking my computer with it. Oddly enough, in game it doesn't freeze (but I can sometimes see the FPS slow down to the 50s)


I'm not exactly gaming on a potato:

Windows 10

Intel 5820K 2x6 overclocked to 4.4Ghz (Been solid and steady for over a year)

Nvidia GTX 970

16G DDR4 (2133)


This machine has never had a problem before. I played HoTS without issue while installing ESO in the background... with SWTOR, my computer just freezes repeatedly even as I just type on the forums here.


Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a solution? (It's been installing for an hour now, and is only at 18%)

I'd rather not call them if this a known issue with a fix.

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Well.. for all of you overwhelmingly concerned and helpful people, and others who may have this issue in the future...

I had to quit trying to install, as an hour after I posted the OP, it had only moved to 36% (good grief).


I found the problem. It's bitraider. (I'd almost call it malware)

It feels the need to constantly reorganize data, even when the game is closed down.


To solve the problem, you have to reinstall the game, but rather than give you the details, I'll give you the link to the details. It worked for me. (I'm reinstalling the game at light speed by comparison.)




Thanks for all the kind and wonderful tech help, ideas, and responses. It almost makes it worth while to have to pay a monthly subscription to use the forums.



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