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Looking For Friendly Guild With A HUGE Active Player Base To Call Home? <Vice>


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Looking For Friendly Guild With A HUGE Active Player Base To Call Home? Are You A Returning Player? Want To Do SM/HM/NiM/PVP/ But Tired Of Pugs? Then Join <Vice> Today, We Can Help!




Who are we


We at <Vice> are not your average SWTOR guild. We aren’t looking to just log in and farm creds; we want to expand the amount of content in-game by creating events and challenging ourselves to be the best players we can be while helping others who do likewise. We want to create a community of players with like minds and skills to match, and we want to take this community to the next level by conquering all content in game. From our roots in Reclamation, through massive growth, to where we are now, <Vice> is dedicated to being #1 in all aspects. Of all the guilds in SWTOR, <Vice> is one of the few that is continually clearing hard mode AND NiM content, with progression raid teams constantly running. PvP groups are forming continually throughout the day, every day. As one of the fastest growing guilds on SWTOR, with 40+ members online at peak, we offer every type of endgame/pvp/pve player something worthwhile, so come join up and MAKE SWTOR GREAT AGAIN!


What have we done so far


We have downed all hard mode bosses in the game except for the last 3 of 10 of Rav Tos making us 45/48 HM we just started nim and are so far 7/26 NIM but we are actively working to get that number up and that is why need you to push nim content with us. Ranked PvP we were unable to compete due to not being around last season but we are already preparing and getting ready for season rewards. We have been one of the #1 tier conquest guilds on server on every planet we have picked since the guild was two weeks old and we will cont to push towards conqueror of the galaxy


What is there to do in Vice


• End game Raiding NIM/HM

• Ranked PvP

• Conquest with groups and rewards every week

• 1v1 tournaments

• Warzone groups and pvp farming

• Open world pvp events

• Story/Hardmode gearing and training

• Compete in parse with some of the top dps

• Raffles and teamspeak 3 item giveaways

• And much more


Merger Programs


With guilds going up to 1000 members vice is always trying to expand the swtor community and take in new growing parts to expand and have more players to play with so we can do more content. We offer same rank assessment and Guild Credit reimbursement all merger questions are to go directly to LerroyJenkins.


What are we looking for


To join vice you must be 65 and active and one or more of the following things

• NiM dps that can pull 6k+ on 1.5 mill parse

• NiM geared tank or healer with exp and class skill

• Leader with exp in pvp or pve

• Ranked vet that can come in mumble and work as a team player

• Conquest minded player that can push conquest out every week and work as a group

• New raider that is willing to get in parse and mumble and learn from top level players

• Hardmode players looking to work there way up

• PvPer who can hope in Ts3 and wants to look for others to play with




If you are an active 65 that meets at least one of the requirements and would like to join vice ranks pm me LerroyJenkinns in game or send me mail, or /who vice and msg anyone and ask if an officer is on and can get them into http://viceswtor.enjin.com <VICE> the guild of the Harbinger.



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