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1-50 LIVE 1-50 IN 6 DAYS! Crew Skillz! WORLD BOSSS RAWR!!!


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Sup my fellow Swtor pimps.


This is Your Truly not Friendly Marauder Stephroth. p.s (i will stab you in the whites of your eye:wea_03:)



So For all of you out there that have been asking me to do a pod cast or a live show

here it is.


"If" enough of you want to see it then i will host a live show for 6 days of a lvl 1-50 Warrior farm.

Showing how i easily max out all crew skillz and gear out all my crew members wile i am maxing out.


Also If the servers will allow it, We will be hosting a Live Full Clear of First lvl 50 Operation


"Eternity Vault" Bam!! for all of you that loved that i used caps!


I know alot of you have been asking me for videos for Hard-mode Clears. Depending on how smooth Eternity Vault goes we will decide when to host HM clears and strats.



You can PM me for Guild Info or Questions... i will no longer be giving out Builds because i will have the different builds on our webside for everyone to View for




Also i will be lvling with a,








Tell me what you guys want to see... We will also be showing the first 4 Would boss's getting dropped as a bonus!!

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