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Thanks, BioWare..


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While I'm a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to get in on an 'early' day 1 to an 'early' launch, I would like to say thanks. Thanks for opening pre-launch 2 days early and thanks for having the foresight to realize how miserable a launch can be, especially with a game that has the scope and size of this one.


I have been playing WoW since 09 and I am excited to experience a game setting with a franchise that I grew up with, SW:TOR. Having been apart of the Cata launch on a 'full' server, it was beyond miserable.


The login que's were sometimes as much as 2 hours. The questing zones had so many people in them that it was a nightmare to get quests done. Heck, even getting to the quest givers was a frustrating task. The server lag was horrific. Frankly, it was an experience that I'd rather not repeat with my gaming experience.


So again, thank you. Thank you, for a great game (played the beta) and thanks for not caving into the demands of the user base, as much as we all want in and play, in doing a launch the right way.


I look forward to seeing everyone in-game.

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I just wanted to add that I personally think it is in very poor taste for those of you who've complained about not getting into the pre-launch program today. You never paid for access to the servers today or even tomorrow for that matter.


Moreover, the 5 dollars that you spend to get early access clearly states that it can be between 1-5 days prior to launch. You can not possibly misunderstand that, it's very clear and cut.


Try to be a little more polite and respectful to the men and women who've spent tens of thousands of hours working on this 'game' for you. Yes, you've purchased the product and you'll get your turn.


If you're going to complain about spending 5 bucks and only getting 1 free day, well that just saved you from spending 5 bucks on that McDee's quarter pounder, large fries and biggie coke you were going to jam down your gullet.

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