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[EMPIRE] Lethal Assault


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Lethal Assault




We were establish late 2013 small band of friends that stumbled across the Bastion server. We consider ourselves a group of people that like OPS ,PVP ,Flashpoints and Group up have fun to have Knowledge to help one another and Defeat the Republic scumbags! To have the skills to build armor that can protect us to to win and deliver the evil with in. We also have an enjoy all type of players, that like to learn that are skilled and just casual to play have fun. If you like a little intro the this is the guild for you!

Require Information:



  • SERVER: The Bastion
  • AGE: 18+
  • VOICE SERVER: Must have teamspeak 3 for communication for Guild activities and other
  • COMMUNICATION: Must have Working Microphone. Headphones are recommended for mature content in Teamspeak.



Guild Expectations:


  • All members must have TeamSpeak 3 for Special Ops events in other Guild activities
  • Maintain a drama-free environment.
  • Be courteous and respectful to ALL members and in the guild.
  • Remember that this not a hardcore guild this casual adult sociable orientated guild


What you can expect from us:



  • A guild bank to to put BOEs and Crews skills items in and other.
  • A Working in progress Guild Stronghold.
  • A flagship on that way with some help.
  • Help others when needed.
  • Members of the guild will be expected to utilize the website for guild updates and events.


The best us to reach us is http://tacticalassualtgamers.com/ on the Forms or our in game names


Guildmaster: Adrgal

Head Officers: Meaji, Fallendemon.




Q: Why is your guild called Lethal Assault , and why would I want to be in a guild called Lethal Assault?

A: Founded by players who were tired of getting told what to do what to say how act. Aslo some of us were very lethal in our classes that we played we supported all classes to join our adventure that be hold. So we're band together and made this Community that like to enjoy playing have fun.


Q: Do you do role-play or something like that?


A:No at the moment but i do have a thing planned out to do it. It depended on the guild and if that wont to do it too.


Q: If I have a complaint regarding one of your members, who do I contact?


A: If one of our members has taken part in a dishonest act ( Cussing at at Officer or being disrespectful or anther member or allies telling off somebody , etc.) do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns. Either whisper me (Joe shmo) in-game or contact me via in-game mail. or Contact me on Teamspeak in a Private message or Go under our Complaints and disagreements in our forms on our web site . or Private message me in on the website too.


Q: When are we available times for special ops.


Sunday nights from 9 P.M.-12 A.M. CST

Saturday nights from 10 P.M. to 1 A.M. CST

Wednesday nights 9 P.M.-12 A.M. CST


Q: How many special ops have you've done.

A: None. This is a small guild that has had a small group of people that recently inactive.as a result we never really had the time to make an official Team. So we are starting from scratch we are looking for DPS Healers and Tanks. if you are interested to join a new raid team. Just tell us a little bit of how much you been doing it. How much experience you have. We are looking for a new Raiders to join and also experienced Raiders too.

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