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Will the Occupiers go occupy somthing other than these forum's?


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Its like there are nothing but Occutards on these forums. I know that these days the vast majority of people that post on any forums are the vocal minority, but im getting sick of the vocal minority. They take the joy out of everything. They never talk about anything good. They never appreciate anything. They never work to make anything better. They only want something for nothing. You get up to 5 days early access, then give you an extra two days. What do you do? piss and moan.


It just goes to show these days you cant do anything nice for people because not only will people not appreciate it. They will berate you for doing it. Yes this post will help nothing. I just figured since im in the one percent. (those that have good things to say about this game on the forums.) Id go forth and protest the protestors.

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